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沃希托河 招生

Whether 你’re just interested in more information or already know that 沃希托河 is 你r perfect fit, we would love to help 你 at any point in the process. 请 free to contact 你r 沃希托河 admissions counselor or call 870-245-5000 if 你 have any questions along the way. Let’s get started!


1. 了解更多

Are we a perfect match for each other? Take some time to find out! Our website and social media portals are great places to start, but we also would love the chance to chat and get to know as 你 get to know 沃希托河. So, get in touch with 你r admissions counselor or call us at 870-245-5000.


2. 访问

College visits are a crucial part of the decision-making journey. Some visits show 你 what 你 like, some show 你 what 你 don’t and others are the ones that make 你 feel at home. Join us at one of our many campus visit events or schedule a personalized visit tailored to 你r schedule and interests. Can’t make it to campus? 看看 our virtual tour!


3. 应用

没有文章. No application fee. No place like 沃希托河. See step-by-step instructions for application and learn more about our admission requirements and easy online application. Not sure about 你r college decision yet? 没关系! Go ahead and apply so we can better help 你 during this important time.


一个招生 counselor is ready to help 你

All 你 need to do is contact them. Whether 你 have questions about 沃希托河 or would just like to talk about 你r college decision, we would love to hear from 你! Learn more about 你r admissions counselor by clicking on 你r region.

Hands-On Learning

real-world opportunities

Your liberal arts education at 沃希托河 not only exposes 你 to a variety of fields and interests, it prepares 你 to launch a meaningful career or succeed in grad school. You’ll have the opportunity to experience high-impact learning through hands-on labs, field work and internships. How does managing $1 million of the university’s endowment sound? 或贡献 to research funded by NASA? Or engaging with artists at the Sundance Film Festival? Or walking in Jesus’ steps in the Holy Land? These experiences will not only make for great memories, they’ll give 你 a jump-start on 你r future career.

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# 沃希托河Bound





Experience 沃希托河 in 360° and get an up-close peek at campus life. 只需几分钟 minutes, 你 can go from cheering for the Tigers on the football field, to the classroom working on a chemistry experiment.

Use a phone, computer or headset to watch as we show 你 what it’s like to be at 沃希托河. Don’t forget to turn or swipe to look all around 你! Playback of 360° video is supported in the la测验 version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer on 你r computer. On mobile devices, use the la测验 version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS.


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Have a question about 沃希托河? Want more information? Shoot us a message!